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Feeling worried, anxious or numb?

Having problems trying to concentrate, focus and live life to your fullest? Is the past holding you back? Is your confidence low? If so, we can help. Our counselling service gives you the time to talk and explore how to make the most of your life. Why exist when you can live?

What is counselling?

Counselling is a therapeutic, confidential, safe environment for you to have the opportunity to talk about any concerns you might have with the ultimate aim to understand and cope with them more easily. It provides an invaluable contained space for you to talk and most importantly be heard, without any judgement.

How does it help?

We believe that knowledge is power and once you are able to understand what might be going on for you it releases the power to heal and cope better. It can promote positive change for a heathier and fulfilling life. It stops the past from holding you back and allows you to be clearer and more confident about your future. It is a process that utilizes the power within yourself, which is aided by the therapeutic alliance.

How do we work?

Counselling at Minds Together is very simple, we are a small group of qualified counsellors that offer a unique service whereby you have the option to try our counsellors for free. We strongly believe that it is important for you to feel trust and a connection with your counsellor for the work to be a success for you. As individuals we are all different and what might work for one person doesn’t for another and choosing a counsellor that’s right for you is like buying a pair of shoes that fit well. We want you to be comfortable and be able to walk for miles in those shoes.

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